Month: October 2020

Pomegranate Autumn

This comforting fragrance floats across the night with whispers of juicy red pomegranate, anise, patchouli, blackberry, musk, dewberry, iris, vanilla, sandalwood, tobacco flower, and cassis. – “Midnight Pomegranate” by Rustic….

Autumn Leaves

This beautiful fragrance is a pleasant maple wood scent reminiscent of woodland hikes atop crunchy, dried leaves scattered among light New Dawn blossoms, laurel and sweet clove matched to balsam,….

Autumn Amethyst

This chic, confident yet seductive fragrance entices the senses with hints of lemon, orange, coconut, vanilla, Italian bergamot, rare camellias, and lime then captures them with lily, jasmine, rose, exotic….

Autumn Comfort

This fragrance is a comforting blast of juicy tangerines fused with sweet peaches resulting in Southern sunshine at its finest.  – “Southern Sunshine” by Rustic Escentuals. Autumn recipes are made….

Autumn Bouquet

This vibrant fragrance is juicy melon, sweet raspberries, and delicate oranges pooled with a bountiful bouquet of muguet, peonies, rose petals, heady jasmine, and magnolias softened with white musk and….

Dreamy Autumn

 This dreamy fragrance is juicy, just-squeezed tangerines mingled with vanilla and fresh greenery.  – “Tangerine Dreams” by Nature’s Garden. Autumn recipes are made using some or all of these featured….

Autumn Shadows

This intriguing fragrance is an alluring, resolute aroma with familiar streams of apple, mandarin, pineapple, bergamot, lemon, and fresh air fused with jasmine, lily, heliotrope, and olive flower; wrapped around….