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About the Soapery

Here at Mossy’s Milk Soapery, our focus is helping you have clean and soft feeling skin. Our bars and liquid soap are simple, classic methods of cleaning your skin when used in the shower or bath. Our hand and body crèmes are easy, non complex solutions to smooth, soft feeling skin. All of our products provide an uncomplicated, modest means to a little self care indulgence. And sometimes when we’ve pampered ourselves just a bit, we can be victorious in any battle that finds us.

Goat Milk Soap

The foundation product of Mossy’s Milk Soapery is cold-process soap made with goat milk. Our newest product, liquid soap, is also made using a cold process method and features goat milk. Yes, our soap will always have milk in it. Here at Mossy’s Milk Soapery, we use milk from Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats in each batch of soap.

Traditional lye soap is a wonderful addition to any bath and body care routine. Soap is made when a chemical reaction occurs between fats (oils) and a sodium and/or potassium hydroxide (lye) mixture. It is basically a salt that attaches itself to water and oil which is then rinsed away. Simple, effective cleaning!

Since soap’s main purpose is to assist you in getting clean, soap made with goat milk results in a gentle cleansing method for most skin types. Solid soap, most commonly known as bar soap, is easy to care for and doesn’t take a lot of packaging. They are portable and can be used up entirely. Our bars are round, oval, or octagonal instead of the more common square or rectangular bars. Their slightly smaller size means you get to change out the scent and color more often. Plus they travel really great. Our liquid soap is a thick yet fluid soap dispensed through a pump and is a smooth, silky soap for the hands and body.

Each batch is a hand crafted artisan product made right in Oklahoma. No two batches are alike. No two batches are alike. Using round and oval molds requires a bit of creativity to come up with the various designs. Some of the standard soap making techniques work well while others do not lend themselves to the rounded shapes.

Bath and Body Products

Additionally, we make several types of lotions. Butter crème is a thick butter style lotion. Lotion crème is more the traditional consistency while spray crème is a thin, lightweight lotion. Solid crème is a lotion bar. Our product catalog includes the basic bath eddy (a bath bomb), sugar scrub, salt scrub, lip scrub, lip balm, milk bath powder, and whipped body wash.

Shows Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats walking through a gate.
Nigerian Dwarf goats heading out to pasture.

About the Proprietor

Mossy’s Milk Soapery is a veteran owned, woman owned, local to central Oklahoma business producing small batch hand crafted goat milk soap along with bath and body items.


Each batch of soap is made with milk from the Nigerian Dairy Goats at Faith’s Farm – OK. Every small batch is hand crafted in Lincoln County using a recipe or formulation developed by us.

Wellston is located along original Historic Route 66 between Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

We’ve partnered with other local artists and crafters to establish complimentary products such as candles and crochet items. We love doing this.

Life is short. Enjoy the little things.

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