Route 66 Spring Fields

Introducing “Route 66 Spring Fields.”  The lovely bar is scented with Rustic Escentuals Barley Grass fragrance and colored with Brambleberry’s Apple Moss and Mad Micas’ Champagne Cream.  A beautiful scent direct from the high plains fields of amber. Tall barley stalks blow in the wind and notes of bergamot, currant, and green apple float on the breeze along with peony and violets, wild flowers, lavender, and white musk. A fabulous scent suggestive of sun drenched prairies along original, historic Route 66.

This gentle soap is made using the Spring recipe which includes goat milk, babassu butter, shea butter, sweet almond oil, cherry kernel oil, palm kernel oil, and oat oil.

“Spring Fields” part of the Route 66 Sights collection.

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