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Basic Bath Eddys are the second foundation product for Mossy. This is a simple yet luxurious product. Each small batch of Eddys are made by hand in the soap kitchen at Faith’s Farm – OK. The key ingredients are baking soda, citric acid, bubble powder, and soothing oils. Secondary ingredients include fragrance, color, and an emulsifier to keep the oil from clinging to the side of your tub.

Where can I get them? Right here in the online store!

Why Eddy?

Why choose the name “Eddy?” The bath eddy is basically what is know in the industry as a bath bomb.  We felt that the connotations associated with bomb (explosion, destruction) were opposite the purpose of a relaxing, soaking bath.  Therefore, the name “Eddy” was chosen to invoke the ebb and flow of gentle waters.

How to use.

Basic bath eddys are simple, bubbly, fragrant bath water additives.  Simple to use by dropping into a warm bath and letting them fizz away thereby giving you a chance to create your own mini-spa-like experience to pamper your body and relax your senses. For more detail visit the How-To page.


We started out making round bath bombs and using essential oils as well as fragrance oils. We found out pretty fast that the essential oils faded much too quickly. Ball shaped products are difficult to label. We made it work but it just wasn’t the look or quality we wanted.

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