FAQ – Why the long cure time?

Why does the soap have to cure for such a long time? Why does it take so long for a product to be released?

Soap is made then cured for 4 to 6 weeks. During the first 72 hours, a chemical reaction (saponification) occurs between the sodium hydroxide and the oils used in a formulation. Once saponification has completed, the result is soap. Although the soap is usable prior to the end of the cure time, the structure of the soap is more stable and the bar will last longer when properly cured. The newly formed crystalline layer structure of the soap harden and line up. A softer soap will be used more quickly.

Bar soap is the first in the product series to be made. Patiently waiting out the cure time is then taken up by making the other products.

Round bar soaps on the curing rack.

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