Ingredients… Fragrance.

While perusing the ingredients you may find the word, fragrance, listed.  “Fragrance” is one of the few synthetic ingredients in many of our products.  It means that I have purchased a developed product from a supplier and that product is used to give the soap a scent.  I do not have access to how that fragrance was crafted or manufactured as it is a proprietary formula.

We understand that many consumers are concerned about the effects some synthetic ingredients might have.  All fragrance oils are required to under go rigorous testing and I am required to stay below maximum usage levels.  Additional information on any fragrance will be provided upon request.  Please note that this ingredient is generally less than 5% of our products.

Fragrance oils make it possible to get a fun and eclectic variety of product scents.  Some scents just cannot be recreated with essential oils.  Most fruit scents are synthetically made.  For instance, you cannot get an apple scent from a naturally produced oil.  Nor can you create a watermelon smell from essential oils.

Remember, we do provide a line of soaps and cremes that do not contain fragrances.  The basic soaps – Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter – have no added fragrance or color.  The natural soaps – Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter – have no added fragrance while using natural clay and activated charcoal for color.

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